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Ways to Share Your Screen in FaceTime

If you want to share your display screen with some other person, you can do that in FaceTime. You just have to make perfectly sure that both of the devices are running the most up-to-date version of iOS. To accomplish this, you can tap over the SharePlay switch in the major right part of the display and select your recent contact.

Once you have a screenshare ready, start your call. On your FaceTime screen, you will see a similar list of control keys that you watch on your cellular system. From here, you can decide to share a certain part of the screen, or maybe the entire screen. You can even reveal your camera or video camera, which means both of you is visible at the same time.

When you’re about FaceTime, you could start sharing the screen together with your friends and family. To achieve this, you must first make a phone to another FaceTime consumer. Then, press the “SharePlay” button to share a clear window or region of the screen. To end the screen share, press the “Stop Sharing” switch.

The process of screen sharing with FaceTime is very easy and free. It works by allowing you to reveal the display with the person you’re discussing with. Once the practice session has started, the other individual can easily move around the screen whilst you talk to all of them.

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